Royal Highland Show 2016

This year’s Royal Highland Show is just around the corner. Final preparations are taking place with the Show Sheep, the white coats have been freshly washed and ironed and the water / feed buckets have been cleaned out. All we need is the weather to stay nice. Keep in touch with how we are doing by checking out our Facebook page. We are at 1,948 likes, lets see how many more we can get during the Highland Show. If you are at the Show, please come along to the North Country Cheviot Section at the Sheep Lines to say Hello.

Scotsheep 2016

Pair of North Country Cheviot Ewe Hoggs for sale at Scotsheep 2016 at Blythbank Farm, West Linton, Peeblesshire, EH46 7DF on Wednesday 1 June 2016. Show at 9am and Sale at 4pm
Clipped ready for showing throughout the summer. Pair of crackers both off Gilston Real Legend.

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DSCN2171 DSCN2174 DSCN2176 DSCN2178

If unable to come along to Scotsheep and interested in these Allanshaws Ewe Hoggs, please contact George Purves at United Auctions to register your interest.

Lambing has started . . . . . .

Busy weekend getting the Sheep Shed ready for Lambing Time. Looks like we are ready – lets hope the weather stays good to help us this year.  More photos will follow.

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Before After


Lockerbie Tup Sale 2015

Lockerbie North Country Cheviot Ram Sale is being held on Wednesday 23 September 2015 at Lockerbie Market, DG11 2JA.  Take a look at our consignment within our Sales tab. Below are 3 of our tups off Allanshaws Rambo, lots 53, 51 and 52.

Springbok, Sensation, Silver Star.